14 | Health Reasons To Sleep with Your Pet

01 Sleeping with Dogs Reduces Depression

Contact with dogs increases the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical.

01 Sleeping with Dogs Reduces Depression

02 Promotes Theta Brainwaves

The release of oxytocin from theta brainwaves, which occur during REM sleep.

Promotes Theta Brainwaves

03 Sleeping with Dogs Increases Sense of Security

Having a pet in the bed improved sleep quality for women in one study.

Sleeping with Dogs Increases Sense of Security

04 Sleeping with Pets Eases Insomnia

Sleeping with a pet mitigates anxiety and reduces hyperarousal.

Sleeping with Pets Eases Insomnia

05 Maximizes Comfort

Support animals diminished nightmares in PTSD patients.

Maximizes Comfort With Pets

06 Decreases Loneliness

41% of pet owners say sleeping with their pet provides companionship.

Maximizes Comfort With Pet Sleeping Near You

07 Sleeping with Dogs Improves Sleep Quality

Sleeping with your dog result in a higher sleep efficiency score.

Improve Sleep Quality With Dog Sleeping Near You

08 Sleeping with a Pet Reduces Stress

74% of pet owners report improvement in their mental health from pet contact.

How To Reduce Stress With Pets?

09 Lowers Blood Pressure

Human-dog interaction led to lower pressure readings when tested.

Controlled blood pressure with Pets Near You

10 Strengthen Bond with Your Pet During Nap Time

Sleeping together helps with socialization and makes training easier.

Pet Relation With The Owner

11 Promotes a Healthy Heart

The American Heart Association found a link between pet interaction and decreased hyper tension.

Healthy Heart With Pet Around You

12 Reduces Allergies Later in Life

One study found infants who slept with their pets were less likely to develop allergies.

Reduced Allergies With Pets

13 Get Better Overall Health by Sleeping with Your Pet

Close contact with pets has an array of benefits like lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

How To Improve Health With Pet Near You?

14 Come On, It’s Your Pet!

To play puppies (and your) advocate, if you wake at all in the middle of the night from your pet moving or making noises, you may want to consider having your pet sleep in a separate room.

When Co-Sleeping with Your PET Doesn’t Make Sense

  • l If they aren’t house trained
  • l If you have severe allergies
  • l If you are a light sleeper
  • l If you have a new pet
  • l If you or your pet have health issues