Scout’s Honor


Pet’s Name: Scout 
Age: 12 
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier 
Instagram: @stuffonscoutshead (26k) 
Facebook: @stuffonscoutshead (15k) 
Scout’s Favorites: 
Activity – Does snoozing count?Toy – LOVED the cheese flavored nylon Tastybone 
Food – Other than Acana, he was pretty partial to any meat or carrots

Scout’s Honor

By Jennifer Galluzzo

Scout, who passed away in 2016, is still advocating for pit bulls, against BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) in Ontario, and for positive reinforcement training through his social media legacy. Scout had been casually balancing stuff on his head for a few years before he blew up on the internet in about 2013. After an online whirlwind, Scout became a household name. Scout and his mom, Jen Gillen, went on to publish a book called “Lessons in Balance,” appear on Rachael Ray, help provide over 20,000 lbs. of food to rescues, and even have Harvey’s create a burger in his name for an online campaign. When he crossed the rainbow bridge, it was covered by TMZ and Perez Hilton. “You only live once, and I’m glad he was able to leave behind such a wonderful legacy,” says Jen.

Advocating for pit bulls isn’t always easy. But the time commitment is worth it, and Jen didn’t mind it at all since it was more time that she got to spend with Scout. Through the years, they have channeled all of his fame into various outreach efforts, including raising donations for multiple rescues in Ontario, and now raising money for human shelters as well. His foundation, Stuff in Scout’s Honour, and his memory are still helping change the perception of pit bulls. Scout was neglected, mistreated, and underfed when Jen rescued him and gave him a second chance. He flourished into one of the cuddliest pit bulls ever. She still uses Stuff on Scouts Head to educate people about how smart, loyal, loving and patient pit bulls can really be. 

Any special or funny talents? 
Balancing stuff on his head.

What do people love most about Scout? 
He was such a big sweetie, representative of his breed.