Manny The Frenchie

Pet’s Name: Manny the Frenchie 
Location: Chicago, IL 
Age: 7 
Breed:French Bulldog 
Instagram: @manny_the_ frenchie (1.1m) 
Facebook: @Manny the Frenchie (1.8m) 
Twitter: @ frenchiemanny (18.3k) 
YouTube: Manny the Frenchie (7k) 
Manny’s Favorites: 
Activity – Wrestling with my brothers and sister 
Toy – Any ball that squeaks 
Food – Bacon (really anything meaty)

Manny the Frenchie

By Jennifer Galluzzo

Buzzfeed has called Manny – whose rise to fame was completely organic – the “most famous French bulldog in the world.” “We weren’t trying to get him famous at all. We simply thought it was fun to share his photos and videos as if he was posting himself,” says Amber Chavez, Manny’s Mom. “I think what makes him unique is that he’s always liked to sleep in the sink… and talks,” she continues. Not to mention they have been giving back to charities and rescues since the beginning. Having one dog is a job on its own. Having five dogs, one being the most followed French bulldog on the planet, is a whole other level. Amber says that they try to keep Manny’s life as normal as possible, so he doesn’t “work” everyday. His job includes taking a ton of photos, especially in his natural setting, which he doesn’t mind at all. But that’s the easy part. Manny has several annual partnerships in place, and his very own 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, Manny & Friends (https://www. His non-profit has raised over $100K for several different rescues and charities. He raises money for charity from his sales of merchandise, his book “Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness”, and much more.

Helping animals isn’t his only strong suit. “We’ve done so much that we’re very proud of,” says Amber. “We surprised a fan with cystic fibrosis with a visit from Manny and made a donation to the cystic fibrosis foundation. We’ve also recently attended a gala for The Children’s Heart Foundation Illinois chapter and made a donation to them,” she adds. “We also fundraised for all the natural disasters that happened recently. We do hear stories and get emails from fans who say we brighten their day or help them through a rough time just by posting Manny pictures and videos. It’s all so very fulfilling and rewarding.”

Does Manny have any special or funny talents?
Manny’s “frenchie talk” is hilarious! Not a lot of frenchies can “talk” but some like Manny make these yappy/whaling noises that’s not a bark at all. It really seems like they are trying to speak!

If you’re similar to his over 3 million fans, you’ll like following his adorable and super funny personality, but you’ll love his philanthropic efforts. Keep up the great work, Manny and Amber!

manny the frenchie