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Pet Photography Playing With The Ball
On land or on the water a ball is still, well, a ball, and it needs to be dealt with.
Thrilled Cat Photography
Felines defying logic. What a surprise. PS Looks thrilled!
Cat Bathing With Fun
And when a bath won’t do there’s always a shower, naturally.
OK Boys, lets go… and how good does this sand feel?
Who needs a car window?
Pigeon Photography
This is Donvan, once a free range pigeon found on the ground in a park and not fit for release. Now he’s a great companion.
Cute Cat Eye
I’m scared whenever I hear my name… “Yikes”, another unique name.
4-Year old Freck
4-year-old Freck enjoys fall weather walks, well he’ll just have to wait! Great name!
Pet Dog Photography
Did some one call my name? Thought I heard a “Mr Handsome.”

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