Out & About

Happy Eli
Eli. Just as happy as can be!
Ranger And Kloey
Thats Kloey on the right with Ranger, her boyfriend. They met on a blind date and have been sweethearts ever since! Proving, once again, that size does not matter.
Little Pet Darn
Darn little guy, always one upping me. Now if I had a bigger bowl too…
Pet Practicing Patience
You might think I’m begging but in reality I’m practicing patience.
Getting Gray Dog
I may be getting gray but aren’t I still something!
Cat In The Pet Gazette Magazine
Very interesting, but does it meow?
Pet Rudy
OK Rudy, this works every time.
Cute Dog In The Pet Gazette Online Magazine
It is just so great to be out & about!
A Dog Is A Dog
A dog is a dog is a dog.

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