Out & About

Dog On Road
Here we have Rollo… and yes, we wonder where that name came from!
Cat Adopted From The Local Shelter.
Here is a beautiful black and white Maine Coon adopted from the local shelter. Blessing is her name!
Curious Pet Harold
Harold checking out the purchases from Pet Supplies Plus. That curiosity thing again!
Dog Waiting For Owner
Bailey is sitting pretty. We suspect the owners will arrive soon.
Service Owner Husky
An Alaskan Malamute named Balto Amoux. He is his owners service dog. As is every dog we care for!
Lovely Parrot Face
A face almost any mother, and the rest of us could love.
Cute Dog Picture
This guy looks ready and willing …wish we had a name!
Soldier Protected By Dog
Definition of “I got your back”… There is no measure of loyalty greater than that shown here. Sleep soundly soldier.

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