Reactive Dogs, and How to Help Them

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April 17, 2020 All day
7-2413 Stevenage Dr
Address: 2413 Stevenage Dr # 7, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3W1

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Does your dog exhibit reactivity towards other dogs, or humans? He sees one, he barks, he lunges. You’re embarrassed to go out for a walk, you plan your walks for early morning and late evening to avoid as many people or dogs as possible. You’re not alone. Dog reactivity is by far the #1 complaint of owners with behavioural concerns.

Come join us for an evening exploring reasons why dogs are reactive and how to help them improve.

We’ll explore the difference between reactivity and aggression, and the critical importance of identifying triggers and thresholds. We’ll cover different training strategies, such as desensitization, counter-conditioning and substitute behaviours. And we’ll help you understand why your dog behaves this way, and how to create positive change.

This is a lecture presentation by Best Friends’ behavioural specialist, Kim Cooper. Dogs do not attend – this event is for humans only.