Puppy & Dog Training Stowupland

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February 25, 2020 All day
Bourne Hill
Address: Bourne Hill, IP2 8NQ Ipswich, Suffolk

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Designed for pet owners who wish to groom their own dog, you will learn the basics of dog grooming, styling and bathing your dog as well as health checks and health care.

Students must bring their own dog to this workshop. Please note, we are unable to groom dogs if they are in season or pregnant.

Puppy and Dog Training classes Stowupland at 6pm & 7pm Tuesdays.

What is the training for?
Puppy and dog training classes teach obedience, good behaviour and doggy manners for puppies and dogs of all ages. We cover a vast array of training suitable for all levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Whether you have a complete novice or a doggy genius we tailor the learning to you and your puppy or dog to ensure you get the best training experience. Here are a few of the things we cover:
Socialisation, Lead walking, Toilet training for puppies, Recall, Impulse control, Trick training, Emergency stops, Manners around animals and people, Scent work, Heelwork, Stopping and preventing jumping up and much more!

How long does a course last?
We offer more than standard training, and instead of set courses our classes are progressive and tailored, bookable in sets of 6 or 10 weeks for your convenience. Classes can be booked as many times or as often as you want.
This allows you and your dog to have a personal training experience combined with the benefit of a group class.

How many sets shall I book?
You can choose to book as many sets of 6 or 10 classes as you would like. There is no limit to how many times you can keep booking as our training is tailored and progressive. We recommend that puppies receive some level of formal training and socialisation for the first year of their life to ensure you have a well rounded doggy citizen as they enter adulthood. Adult dogs requirements will depend on any previous training, but as a minimum we recommend 10 classes.

We have lots of times and days available, as well as offering the flexibility to book dates to suit you in sets of 6 or 10 classes. If you have a holiday or event planned you can choose the dates you attend from our easy to use booking calendar.

Classes are held outside at
WM SMITH Pightle Barn Blacksmith Lane Middlewood Green Stowmarket, IP14 5EU