Gymgility Masterclasses

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April 18, 2020 All day
Bourne Hill
Address: Bourne Hill, IP2 8NQ Ipswich, Suffolk

What is the training for?
This masterclass is for puppies or adult dogs who are an agility novice or are under 12 months old and want to learn the groundwork basics before starting agility at 12 months old. No experience necessary and it is designed to teach all the elements of an agility course, with low impact, and training the fundamentals. Each stage of the gymgility course will be broken down into bite size chunks so dogs and owners can train and work their dog through a fun gymgility course.

Gymgility has been designed to offer a unique low impact doggy gym crossed with low impact ground work agility. Its great way to improve your dog’s listening skills, improve their training and a great form of exercise.

We cover

  • Tunnels – how to approach and train
  • Contacts – how to start and finish safely and familiarising dogs with different surfaces
  • Age appropriate jumps and cavaletti
  • Training moving surfaces
  • Movement around and through obstacles
  • How to plan and work through a course with speed and accuracy
  • Ready, steady go skills
  • Recall skills
  • You can do this as a one off, or over a number of sessions. The more you do, the more your puppy or dog learns and has fun!


Classes are held in a secure grassed paddock at the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Ipswich. Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Bourne Hill Wherstead, Ipswich IP2 8NQ