WebVet To Address Consumer Health Needs

WebVet To Address Consumer Health Needs

WebVet (www.webvet.com), the premier online health resource for pet owners, announced today the formation of a strategic partnership with Everyday Health, the leading online human health information property with more than 29 million unique users per month. This new partnership is an acknowledgement of the growing importance of pet health and well being as an important part of family health.

WebVet’s content is comprehensive, embracing every aspect of pet care and the human-animal bond, including medical information and advancements, general wellness information, original lifestyle and human interest stories, and breaking news.

WebVet’s “whole-pet” philosophy represents a redefinition of how pet owners approach the care of their animals by providing pet health information that ranges from medical abstracts and general wellness advice, to original lifestyle and human interest stories. Visit their website, www.webvet.com for more information.


Lucky Us! Two Pet Shows In NYC… Spring & Fall

CCK Global Events produces the NYC Pet Show as an event for the urban pet lover. Presented in partnership with the American Pet Products Association, the show provides the attendees with an interactive experience comprised of seminars and discussions, meet & greets, and a wide range of upscale products and services geared for urban pets and their owners. The show will be held May 22 & 23, 2010, 11:00am–5pm daily, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, NYC, $25.

Over 30,000 square feet of the Metropolitan Pavilion will be dedicated to the Pet Pavilion where attendees will have the opportunity to shop and learn about the best pet products and services.

An environment is created for the attendee to experience products and engage with participating vendors and sponsors. Participants have the opportunity to network with an affluent crowd of pet owners and make face-to-face connections with current and prospective customers.


Reserve your booth now! Save the Dates! Meet The Breeds, October 16-17, 2010, Javits Center, New York City. For AKC vending opportunities contact Andrea Jordan Lane, 919-816-3722, ajl@akc.org. For AKC sponsorship opportunities contact Daphna Strauss, 212-696-8243, dxs@akc.org.


Dogs Who Left Their Mark On Pop Culture

From crime fighting dogs to presidential pooches that sometimes got more press than their owners, one look at popular culture proves that dogs have always had a profound influence on our daily lives. But which well-known canine is the most famous?

The nominees for most famous dogs are:

  • Checkers — Richard Nixon’s Cocker Spaniel referenced in his famous “Checker’s Speech” during his 1952 Vice Presidential bid.
  • Buddy — Bill Clinton’s Labrador Retriever who, living up to the title of “man’s best friend,” was said to be Clinton’s key supporter during Monica-gate.
  • Tinker Bell — Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua who caused a panic in 2004 when she went missing.
  • Fala — Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier who traveled alongside his master and met many dignitaries during FDR’s presidency.
  • Tryumph the Insult Comic Dog — The Serbian Mountain Hound puppet made famous on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, who puffs a cigar while insulting celebrities.
  • Bo — Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog delivered as an Obama campaign promise to daughters Sasha and Malia.
  • McGruff the Crime Dog — A cartoon Bloodhound used by the National Crime Prevention Council in commercials and other media to teach children about safety.

Which dog will be victorious? Visit www.pawnation.com/category/akc-top-125-dogs to cast your vote and leave your paw print on the poll.


AKC Cautions Owners As Pet Thefts Continue To Rise; State Lawmakers Consider Making ‘Dog-Napping’ A Serious Crime

The American Kennel Club continues to remind pet owners to heed warnings about an alarming rise in “dog-nappings.”

Regardless of the reason thieves are taking pets, whether to sell to unsuspecting local buyers or over the Internet or keeping them for personal use, these criminals need to know that pet owners are becoming more proactive by keeping pets close to them and also microchipping their pets ahead of time so that when these dogs turn up at shelters or veterinarian offices they can be scanned to find their rightful owners.

In response to this continuing trend, AKC offers the following advice:

Don’t let your dog off-leash

Don’t leave your dog unattended in your yard

Be Cautious with information given to strangers about your pet

Never leave your dog in an unattended car

Don’t tie your dog outside a store

Protect your dog with microchip identification — Collars and tags can be removed so make sure you have permanent ID with a microchip. Lost Pet Alert – AKC Companion Animal Recovery is the exclusive pet recovery service working with helpmefindMYPET.com to help owners locate stolen or lost pets.

Once you report your dog missing an e-mail alert is sent to area vets, shelters, and animal control agencies, within a 50-mile radius, to notify them to be on the lookout.

For more information, enroll your pet in a 24-hour recovery service and sign-up for the Lost Pet Alert visit www.akccar.org.

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