Trimline’s Recovery Solution For Pet Injury & Surgery

Trimline's Recovery Solution For Pet Injury & Surgery

Last year, American pet owners spent more than $12 billion on veterinary care for their cats and dogs. Unfortunately, many pets left the vet clinics wearing uncomfortable plastic collar while their wounds and stitches healed, slowly. These hard plastic cone-shaped collars make simple actions such as eating, drinking, sleeping and even walking up and down stairs difficult and uncomfortable. And, owners cite frustration in properly fitting these collars on their pets and the damage rendered by these hard plastic on walls and furniture as their pets try to navigate in their homes without peripheral vision.

Thanks to Trimline Manufacturing Co., two million pet owners have enjoyed a more effective solution to assist their pets during post-surgical procedures. The Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar is a soft, lightweight and flexible Elizabethan-style collar that provides a barrier to the treatment area from licking and biting while still allowing pets to move around comfortably and easily.

Arnold Plotnick, DVM, a veterinarian who operates Manhattan Cat Specialists in New York City, recommends Trimline over traditional hard plastic collars. Board certified in internal medicine and operating a cat-only practice, Dr. Plotnick says the Trimline’s design prevents pets from reaching their wounds, stitches or sore spots to permit complete healing.

“This Trimline collar is a collar I would prefer to use because it is soft, more comfortable and can be inverted so cats can have a little more peripheral vision without their whiskers touching the collar,” adds Dr. Plotnick.

The Trimline collar is available in five different sizes and features a drawstring neckline to ensure a comfortable fit for any pet. Here is the link to the 4-minute video on YouTube: Learn more at


New Program From Trusted Pet Partners Helps Pets, Owners And Animal Shelters

Trusted Pet Partners, providers of online pet trust services, is strengthening its commitment to protecting animals with its new Shelter Partner Program. Trusted Pet Partners is committed to eliminating the 500,000 pets that end up in shelters each year due to the death or disability of the owner. Of those 250,000 are killed for lack of a new home. Trusted Pet Partners is partnering with shelters across the country to cause responsible pet ownership.

“We know how difficult it is for non-profit organizations to care for the millions of animals that come through the shelter system each year, especially with the economy the way it is,” says Christopher Jones, co-founder of Trusted Pet Partners. “We hope that the Shelter Partner Program will provide the funds these shelters desperately need to care and find homes for these wonderful animals, while at the same time rewarding supporters with an opportunity to create a trust for their own beloved pet at a significant savings, protecting their animal companions from homelessness in case they become disabled or die. We also want to encourage owners to do the right thing, and set up a trust for their pets, so we’re offering the discount as additional incentive.”

The Trusted Pet Partners Shelter Partner Program provides special discount codes to each shelter, which qualifies their supporters for a $50 discount on a pet trust (regularly $289 for up to five companion animals).

For each new trust created using the special code, the associated animal shelter receives a $50 donation from Trusted Pet Partners to use for vital programs such as spay and neuter clinics, medical expenses, food and other operating costs.

Trusted Pet Partners allows pet owners to create a pet trust with easy to use, online forms. The entire process takes about 15 minutes, and trusts can be updated free of charge to accommodate changes in your pets’ needs and situation. Pet trusts are currently valid in 46 states plus the District of Columbia (a complete list of states recognizing pet trusts is available on the company’s website).

For detailed information on how your shelter can participate in the Shelter Partner program, or to learn how pet trusts work, including links to online resources to help calculate the cost of ongoing care for your pet, please visit


Warm Up The Winter At The Zoo

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo offers fun family programming and specials throughout the winter months. The Zoo has fun events for the entire family all year round, most of which are free with the cost of admission.

  • Visit our Tropical Winter Greenhouse – Come See the Vanilla Orchid!: Enjoy a few hours in a tropical paradise at the Greenhouse! As you stroll through, you can see bananas and other fruits growing overhead. Several species of orchids and cacti are flowering all winter long.
  • February 16, Summer Internship Application Deadline: Internships are available for college level students in Animal Care, Education or Veterinary Care. An application and program details may be found on our Web site under Get Involved; Volunteer; Interns.
  • Thursday, Jan 4 - Thursday, Jan 4

    Building Winter Cat Shelters

  • Sunday, Jan 21 - Sunday, Jan 21

    TNR CertificationWorkshop

  • Tuesday, Feb 13 - Tuesday, Feb 13

    Bottle Feeding Orphaned Kittens

  • Thursday, Feb 22 - Thursday, Feb 22

    TNR Certification Workshop

  • Tuesday, Mar 13 - Tuesday, Mar 13

    Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption

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