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Save The date!

Save The date!

The Stratford Animal Rescue Society is pleased to announce a date for their annual “Fall Festival To Benefit Animals”. The festival will be held on October 9th at Paradise Green in Stratford from 11:00am-5:00pm and will include a one mile dog walk, food, contests, canine demonstrations, games, music, local celebrities, entertainment, pet adoptions, a silent auction, low cost microchip clinic,along with vendors for people and pets and more. Rain date is October 16.

For additional information, please visit our event website:

Did You Know?

Green Chimneys’ Farm & Wildlife Center is home to over 300 farm animals, permanently injured or imprinted wildlife and horses. The main purpose for each animal’s presence is to thrive and play a supportive role in educational and animal-assisted therapy for children with special needs. By sponsoring an animal, you are directly supporting the daily care for their most popular teachers-their animals.

For more information 845-279-2995.

Northwind Kennels’ 95th Year Party

On Saturday, June 18th 11:00 a.m at 402 Old Post Road, Bedford NY, there will be games, snow cones, cotton candy, ask-a-trainer, ask-a-vet, tarot readings, pet reiki, face painting, portrait photography, and of course, pets for adoption. Bring the family four-legged members as well! Call 914-234-3771 for more details.

Northwind Kennels was established in 1921, and continues to serve as a valuable resource within the community. The business was created as a boarding kennel with the capacity to house 30 dogs, and offered grooming as well. In 2007, Northwind Kennels was purchased Penelope Smith-Berk. Now spanning 5 buildings the facility now has indoor-outdoor rooms for over 180 dogs and 100 cats.

Over the past 9 years, Ms. Smith-Berk has expanded her vision of creating a safe haven for stray and rescued animals creating Rescue Right and Community Cats, a non-profit animal rescue organization. Northwind Kennels helps to save the lives of many shelter animals by providing housing until they find forever homes. The kennel offers low-cost microchipping of pets as well as a TNR programs for feral cats.

PG ENDORSED EVENT Dog Wash At Cannondale Vet

Dogs helping cats! The big summer event to benefit cat rescues: PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) and Animals In Distress July 30th starting at 10:00 a.m. and going to 2:00 p.m. All profits to go to rescues. Come have fun and maybe get wet but go home with a clean dog.

That’s just “Smart”

With July just around the corner, there are many ways beat the heat, but for our friends with fur coats, it may not be as easy. Chris Onthank from Dog Gone Smart says like humans, summer is when dogs are at high risk for neglect, heat stroke, drowning and other dangers.

“You cannot just crack the windows because your car is going to get really hot within minutes if you’re 65 degrees and over outside,” said Onthank. “If you have to take your dogs with you, I would either roll down the windows, a good ways, open up the sun roof, but again that is going to be risky. One of the best things you can do is turn on the air conditioning, or better yet, on hot days, leave your dog home.” He says there are ways to determine if your dog is overheated. Dogs tend to overheat from their paws and mouths.

“You’ve got to look at the tongue,” said Onthank. “If the tongue is off to the side or the tongue starts to look “spathulated”, meaning it looks like a spatula, very large, swollen tongue pay attention. Another thing you might try is that if your dog is breathing heavy, it seems like he’s panting, and is restless, can’t get enough air, at that point, we want to take our dog to a cool place,or grab some wet towels. Cooling down their under-belly, using a cool towel or wash cloth and cooling the belly area, and around the ears and feet, that will cool the dog more quickly.”

Onthank tells us to avoid the extreme heat, walk your dog earlier or later in the day and if you’re near a pool, make sure your dog knows how to swim and is supervised.

“Teaching your dog how to get in and out of your own pool is a life saver,” said Onthank. “Every summer, we hear of dogs that drown. So know that just because your dog’s a dog, or he’s a labrador retriever, doesn’t mean he knows how to swim, teach your dog how to swim, get in the pool with him.”

Vendors Plan Now For Puttin’ On The Dog

More than $100,000 was raised to benefit Adopt-A-Dog, at its Annual “Puttin’ on the Dog” Festival last Sept. Funds went to Adopt-A-Dog’s mission to save, socialize and secure loving homes for unwanted or abandoned dogs.

“Puttin’ on the Dog” draws more than 4,000 animal lovers and four-legged friends. The event features 50 vendors and interested participants for this year’s September event should contact Kristen Rice Executive Director or call 914-273-1674.

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