New AKC Marketplace

New AKC Marketplace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to announce the launch of AKC Marketplace with enhanced form and functionality to better serve responsible breeders with the opportunity to promote themselves directly to potential dog owners. Through interactive profile pages, unlimited listings and a user-friendly experience, AKC Marketplace helps breeders get in front of more dog owners,
showcase all they do for their dogs and find good homes for their puppies. Improvements include:
– Easy access to Parent Club and breed standard information for each breed.
– Enhanced breeder profile pages to include litter, health and vaccination information.
– Addition of unlimited photo and video galleries for breeders to showcase their puppies.
– Easy access to “How To Pick A Puppy” Handbook.

“The enhanced AKC Marketplace will allow breeders to engage with potential dog owners, share their knowledge of their breed and ultimately help people find the right breed for their lifestyle,” said Dennis Sprung, President and CEO, AKC. “Our team has worked diligently to make the necessary improvements to make this the best place possible for breeders to showcase their litters. In 2016, staff will fulfill my vision of expanding the platform to include groomers, veterinarians, dog sitters and other dog-related service providers.”

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Suzanne Clothier At PCOTC

Unraveling the Puzzle of Behavior, Training & Performance… This exciting new two-day seminar, Saturday & Sunday, April 16-17, from Suzanne Clothier provides a practical and powerful way of looking at any behavior, training or performance problem, and figuring out what to do.

This systematic approach to unraveling the puzzle will help any handler, novice or expert, identify the areas that need attention, recognize training methods that are effective, and understand their dog as a physical, emotional and mental being.

For the dog lover, this approach helps guide your thinking about behavior & training problems, and helps you identify where to turn for help – and what kind of help you need and want.

For the dog training professional, this approach offers a number of powerful tools for quickly and accurately identifying the issues that may be at the root of any presented problem. This allows trainers to focus on areas that need to be built or that need strengthening or repair.

Above all, how do you know how and what needs work? How do you know if a method or equipment choice is right for you and your dog? How do you know which way to go? Suzanne can help you find your way using your own good sense and specific approaches to finding answers.

Call 914-422-3647 for more info.

The Grateful Dog; When To Socialize

Common sense approach to well puppy health, socialization and the importance of fully vaccinating before heading out into the world is essential. Puppy vaccinations typically are complete by 12 to 14 weeks of age. You should follow your vet’s schedule for vaccinating your puppy.

Smart owners desire to socialize puppies so they will be happy and comfortable around strangers, situations and even show sites. Puppies grow up very quickly so spending the first 12 to 14 weeks in the safety of your home and on your property will not adversely affect your puppy’s personality. Enjoy yourself and your new bundle of joy with the knowledge that you are being safe and not sorry.

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Tips From The Visiting Vet Service

Recently a friend of ours had lost their adorable 5-pound poodle. How could this have happened to a dog who was bonded to her family, was well socialized, and had been to dog training classes? Through a sequence of unpredictable events, the tiny dog became spooked by a little girl running towards her. The dog bolted, and took off in a panic flying down the street. The family is devastated.

Even the calmest, grounded, most reliable dog is capable of disappearing, as I have seen too many times in my 30 years in veterinary practice.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective safeguards you can take to at least minimize risks. Anticipating dangerous situations is the key to avoiding them.

If you know your small dog is petrified of big dogs, don’t let him run loose at the beach in a crowd of 75 pound labs chasing tennis balls. If you are going out for the day check the weather report for thunderstorm predictions before you leave your golden retriever outside in your yard. Be sure fence gates are closed after oil delivery and landscaping work in your yard. Teach dogs to “wait” before going out the door of the house and car.

Please take some time to review safety measures you have in place for your own dogs. Contact me for more information, with questions, and for help devising a safety plan suited to your dog’s specific lifestyle and needs.

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Stratford Animal Rescue Society

As part of their Humane Education Mission, Stratford Animal Rescue Society will be offering a program on Saturday, February 20th, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. at Stratford Animal Control, 225 Beacon Point Road.

Children in Grades 3-5 are invited to participate in making animal crafts and reading to the shelter pets. Space is limited and will sell out quickly.

More info:

The Stratford Animal Rescue Society will be hosting a Pet Adoptions & Boutique To Benefit Shelter Animals on Saturday, February 13th from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at Stratford Animal Control located at 225 Beacon Point Road in Stratford.

Stop by to meet the many wonderful animals looking for a forever home and shop in their Boutique. They will have candles, T-shirts, hoodies, crafts, pet supplies and more.

Please visit their website for more information and to view the animals available for adoption.

A Hand For A Paw

The Hand For A Paw Pantry program provides free pet food to low-income pet parents. One of the most common reasons for pet relinquishment is financial difficulty, and the Pet Food Pantry aims to help struggling Pet Mom & Dads keep their beloved pets home.

Their Pet Food Pantry program is supported through community donations and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pets must be spayed/neutered.
Drop off locations:
– Ruff Cutz, 8 Greenfield St., Fairfield, CT
– Brooklawn Grocery, 652 Brooklawn Ave., Bridgeport, CT
Donations of pet food are the lifeblood of A Hand For A Paw. Your donations of pet food truly make the difference between whether a pet stays or may have to end up at a shelter for thousands of pets each year. Donating pet food is the quickest way you can make a huge impact in the life of a
pet. Their pet food pantry wish list:
– Cash donations (any amount graciously accepted)
– Any size bags of dry dog or cat food, unopened.
– Canned dog or cat food, unopened
– Dog or cat treats, unopened

Contact A.H.F.A.P at 203-258-3069.

  • Thursday, Jan 4 - Thursday, Jan 4

    Building Winter Cat Shelters

  • Sunday, Jan 21 - Sunday, Jan 21

    TNR CertificationWorkshop

  • Tuesday, Feb 13 - Tuesday, Feb 13

    Bottle Feeding Orphaned Kittens

  • Thursday, Feb 22 - Thursday, Feb 22

    TNR Certification Workshop

  • Tuesday, Mar 13 - Tuesday, Mar 13

    Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption

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