Green Chimneys

Green Chimneys

A Tale of Two… Tails! Green Chimneys in Brewster, NY is home to over 300 animals and this winter, its swine population welcomed two new residents. Winston and Elvis are two pot-bellied pigs that arrived with warm personalities but also significant medical issues requiring very special care.

Winston is a bit shy and can often be found nestled under a pile of hay but with a bit of encouragement, will tinker away on his tiny toy piano. His fractured left elbow was in need of comprehensive veterinary care and seriously hindered his activity. The healing process has been lengthy and Winston likely faces a lifelong challenge with arthritis but ongoing support from Green Chimneys’ animal experts and regular visits from the students at Green Chimneys School have helped Winston succeed in putting his “left foot forward”–literally!

As a miniature pot-bellied pig, Elvis was raised to be a charming domestic pet and he possesses many puppy-like personality traits. He’s high energy, loves his stuffed animals and is often ready to play. He’s been a cheerful addition to the barn and has been growing at a healthy rate. At just one year old and weighing in at only 15 pounds, there’s no telling just how “miniature” Elvis will stay.

Pigs are highly social animals so in just a matter of weeks, the two were interacting and soon after, became stall-mates! From keeping each other entertained to helping one another stay warm, the companionship is purposeful and pleasant for Winston and Elvis alike.

The 200 day and residential students at Green Chimneys have learned much from observing the recovery and ongoing care of these two pigs. They understand it all as part of the experience–and responsibility–of caring for animals, particularly when there are special needs. To meet Winston and Elvis in person, visit the Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center any Saturday or Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For more information, go to

New York Metro Reptile Show

The New York Metro Reptile Show will be held Sunday, February 9 at the Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Receive a $1 discount off adult admission with their ad on page 14 of this issue.

Thousands of live pet reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates on display and for sale. Books, supplies, cages, and more! 200+ vendor tables. Buy breeder direct and save! Sorry, no personal pets allowed.

Yorktown Dog Park

The Day Has Finally Arrived! After close to 10 years of planning and negotiating, Yorktown the creation of a dog park, which will be located at Sylvan Glen Park Preserve, off Grant Avenue has happened!

After a walk-through with Yorktown Parks and Recreation Superintendent Brian Gray, it was agreed that after a few remaining details are resolved, the Yorktown Community Paw Park will be open for public use after January 5, 2014. The official grand opening will take place in the late spring.

The Good Dog Foundation

2013 concluded the 15th year that certified therapy teams from The Good Dog Foundation have been changing lives. More than 1,000 Good Dog teams have been hard at work in over 350 partner facilities and disaster sites healing hundreds of thousands of people in need over the last year.

Besides disaster response work, Good Dog teams have continued providing animal-assisted therapy services to hundreds of thousands of people at our partner facilities. These 350+ partner facilities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and schools, are so grateful for the tremendous impact that certified therapy dog teams from Good Dog have on their clients.

Any financial support that you are able to give, even $25 makes a big impact. Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to heal and bring smiles to the hundreds of thousands of students, patients, clients, and facility staff that Good Dog teams visit annually. The people in need of visits by Good Dog therapy teams rely on your support. Contact Rachel McPherson, Founder & Executive Director,, 888-859-9992.

Special Needs Pet Food Drive

Among the hundreds of hungry animals fed by the all-volunteer Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry are “special needs” pets who are sick and require special prescription food. But, special prescription pet food is very expensive. They need to raise $2,150 to keep the special food available through 2014. It’s easy to contribute by using the Pay Pal “donate” button on their website, or Facebook page.
You’ll feel really good about having helped.

Extinction Or Recovery?

“Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been blessed. It is a many-faceted treasure, of value to scholars, scientists, and nature lovers alike, and it forms a vital part of the heritage we all share as Americans… a heritage which we hold in trust to countless future generations of our fellow citizens. Their lives will be richer, and America will be more beautiful in the years ahead, thanks to the measure that I have the pleasure of signing into law today.” ~ President Nixon’s Endangered Species Act Signing Statement Dec. 28, 1973.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been more than 99% successful at preventing extinction for wildlife under its protection for 40 years. Today, this landmark legislation is at risk of going extinct. Many politicians have forgotten the values Congress embraced four decades ago and are now attempting to undermine the ESA’s authority. Last month a new bill was introduced, Senate Bill 1731, will provide state governors with the power to ignore the ESA if it best serves political interests.

Please sign the Wolf Conservation Center’s legislative campaign to show your opposition to ‘Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act.’ When you sign the Popvox campaign, your vote goes directly to the lawmakers who represent you! Contact them at 914-763-2373 or
Not Just Wolves!

I just signed the petition “Fish & Wildlife Service: Stop putting parrots on the US Endangered Species Act” Please help stop our government from enacting regulations that will hurt birds in the wild and as pets. These regulations defy common sense!

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link: –Ira Hertz, Bird Jungle

Research Opens Doors

The Horses and Humans Research Foundation strives to move research from the arena to the lab and back to the arena again, where advancements truly impact lives. HHRF, in partnership with visionary donors, has successfully selected and funded critical equine assisted activities/therapies (EAA/T) research that is already inspiring and leading the future of this field by:
Establishing best practices; Guiding the development of tomorrow’s curricula and therapy plans;
Providing the required evidence needed to establish credibility with third-party funding sources (e.g., insurance companies), greatly improving access;
Gaining the professional recognition and respect EAA/T deserves. Not all of us can conduct research but we can ALL support it. They need you to be a part of tomorrow’s achievement. Contact them at or 440-840-2402.