Danbury Animal Welfare Society

Danbury Animal Welfare Society

The Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community and beyond. They promote responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals, and work toward ending animal overpopulation through education and a variety of programs. They take pride in the work they do–working to keep homeless pets safe, happy and sheltered.

  • Pet Adoptions

Our shelter in Bethel, Connecticut, is the temporary home to up to 60 cats and kittens and up to 30 dogs looking for loving safe forever homes. They encourage those interested to stop by and visit during our Open House Hours:

Cats: Mon-Fri 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Sat & Sun 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

Dogs: Summer Hours (April 1 – September 30)

Mon-Fri 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Sat & Sun 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

They also coordinate home-to-home adoptions for people who are unable to care for their pets. They maintain lists of people who are looking for homes for their pets as well and attempt to match those animals with prospective adopters when appropriate.

  • On Site Spay-Neuter Clinic

They help to control the pet population and so can you. A discounted rate on dog/cat sterilization may be available at our on site spay-neuter clinic.

Call the shelter for availability.

  • Animal Rescue Services

Volunteers rescue hundreds of companion animals every year from abandonment and abusive situations. These pets need the safety and shelter of loving homes. Contact them at 203-744-DAWS or www.daws.org to find out more about rescuing an animal or more about fostering a pet for a short time period while they seek an appropriate home.


11th Annual!!!

Dachshund Reunion

We decided 12 years ago to have a gathering for dachshund owners & their dogs to meet, mingle & socialize. But since I have been involved with dachsie rescue for over 25 years we thought we should raise some funds to help dachsie rescues. So, we have fun competitions, such as which canine can wolf down the hot dogs the fastest, wag their tails the longest, lick faces the most etc.

We reward the most senior dog, longest dog , etc. Everyone has a wonderful time, the dogs are so happy to be meeting dogs they can eyeball–it’s a very quiet & happy. experience for our pets. The only commotion happens when someone bring s Golden or a Lab, big dogs make these dachsies get excited, corgis & other small dogs are welcome.

Every year before the weather becomes too warm for our fur babies, we have this event–The Dachshund Reunion will be held at the Westport Library June 5–if you would like, leave us the June Pet Gazettes. Thanks, people really enjoy them. –Sheila


An Open Invitation

Nearly three decades ago, three women had a vision. Donna Nives, Gloria Scheuer and Pam Fahnestock became concerned about the growing number of animals languishing in area shelters. The three friends organized an agency headquartered in Greenwich, CT to advertise various dogs and cats that were available for adoption. Adopt-A-Dog was born.

In February of 1982, Adopt-A-Dog was granted tax-deductible status by the I.R.S. This enabled Adopt-A-Dog to meet the ever-growing demand for services.

In 1987, Adopt-A-Dog launched its first major fundraising event, a for-fun, family dog show called Puttin’ on the Dog. This has become an annual event, the largest outdoor event in Greenwich, which draws thousands of participants from the tri-state area.

In 1999, a kennel was purchased in Armonk, New York, enabling Adopt-A-Dog to house homeless dogs and cats. In 2003, the shelter created a half-acre park for resident dogs to enjoy.

In 2005, Adopt-A-Dog came to the rescue after Hurricane Katrina. In 2007, the Homeward Bound program was launched wherein cats and dogs get adjustment to the sights, sounds and smells of home life before they are adopted into private homes.

Adopt-A-Dog organizes many events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness for the dogs and cats we rescue. These economic times are proving ever more challenging and we hope our annual events will be as successful as ever with your support.

You are invited to come and see for yourselves what their shelter is all about. The shelter is open seven days a week. They would be happy to schedule an appointment to give a personal tour of our nearly two-acre sanctuary and have you meet the animals that will benefit directly from your generous donations.

Please give them a call today at 914-273-1674. They look forward to seeing you soon!


PAL – Pets Add Life

The PAL – Pets Add Life campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership, thus driving increased adoption of pets and responsible ownership of pets. Produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), PAL includes three thirty-second TV spots, regular pet news segments, a brochure, an ad, web links, a poster, and other promotions.

Pets increase happiness. The many therapeutic benefits of owning pets has been documented by physicians, and scientists. Your days are brighter and life is just plain better with pets in it.

Pets are big, small, furry and scaly. Some have lips, some don’t. The point is, every animal has specific needs for feeding, grooming, exercise and health care. You may have an idea of the type of pet you’d like to own. But your choice might not fit your lifestyle. It’s important to consider the demands of your career or your family before buying a pet. For example, if you’re single, work 12-hour days and travel frequently, a dog wouldn’t be the best choice for you. Before getting a pet, do your homework. Pet ownership is a huge responsibility! Don’t become a pet parent unless you’re prepared to take good care of your new baby. For more go to: www.petsaddlife.org.


Dogs Across The Nation

Jumped For Joy At First American Kennel Club Events Open To Mixed-Breeds

Atotal of 29 American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed clubs hosted 75 AKC Rally, Agility and Obedience trials during the inaugural weekend of events open to AKC Canine Partners program enrollees. Among the many firsts that took place recently, five dogs earned six AKC titles at events.

“We are excited that our mixed-breed entries in AKC Rally, Obedience and Agility classes totaled more than 500 around the country during the first weekend,” said AKC Spokesperson Gina DiNardo. “Purebreds and mixed-breeds had the chance to show off their skills and highlight that it’s the time you spend training and bonding with your dog that really matters the most.”

Dog owners who missed out on this exciting weekend shouldn’t fret–there are more than 2,000 AKC clubs planning AKC Rally, Agility and Obedience trials open to mixed-breeds in 2010, with more clubs signing on daily.

For more information about AKC Canine Partners visit www.akccaninepartners.org. To find an event in your area, visit the AKC Event Search page. Be sure to check the option “All American Dog/Mixed-Breed,” to search for events open to AKC Canine Partner enrollees.