Animal Assisted Therapy Services, Pet Partners Therapy Dog Course

Animal Assisted Therapy Services, Pet Partners Therapy Dog Course

Have you been thinking your pup would make a great therapy dog? Would you like to bring joy to people as a volunteer with your dog?

Please consider taking the Pet Partners Therapy Dog course to get on the road to therapy dog work. The Pet Partners Therapy Dog course is offered Sunday,December 6, 11-5pm. The course is generally offered as a six week program, but folks have requested a one day class to fit busy schedules. Cost is the same, $235, which includes the Pet Partners Handler manual.

To register please call 203-804-5343.

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery & Crematory has become the first and only pet facility in New York to pass the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories accreditation program.

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery Vice President Edward Martin III and Chris Cooper, Hartsdale’s crematory marketing manager, received the accreditation award at the IAOPCC’s annual conference in Nashville, TN. Founded in 1971, the IAOPCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the standards, ethics and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories worldwide.

Also, the Smithsonian Magazine listed Hartsdale as one of the top 5 “relaxing, beautiful and inspiring” pet cemeteries in the world. Hartsdale has been open since 1896 and is home to about 70,000 interments. It is the only pet cemetery on the National Register of Historic Places.

The cemetery still offers pet funerals and viewings, above-ground burial and cremation, and a variety of other services. Visitors can check out a huge spaniel mausoleum, the grave of a zoo lion, a memorial to the first dog in space, Laika, and a memorial to World War I’s 7,000 military canines. Call 914-949-2583 for more.

Green Chimneys

Green Chimneys recently received a grant from the EQUUS Foundation. The Richard L. Parish, Jr. Memorial Horse Whisperer Grant will help maintain a level of care for the horses that exemplifies the environment of nurturing and healing that makes Green Chimneys unique. The horses at Green Chimneys play an integral role in the healing process of children. Animal welfare is at the core of their mission and great lengths are taken so each animal receives the utmost nutrition, housing and veterinary care.

The EQUUS Foundation’s support is vital in helping the equines who help children with special needs.
For more call 845-279-2995.

AKC Meet The Breeds

Find what you’re looking for from Akitas to Xoloitzcuintlis and everything in between at next AKC Meet the Breeds The seventh annual event gives dog lovers the unique opportunity to meet and play with more than 100 different breeds in booths individually decorated to depict each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function, and attributes as a family pet, all while learning about responsible dog ownership and which breeds may be right for them.

Meet the Breeds will be held Saturday, February 13th at Piers 92 and 94, New York, NY.

The Grateful Dog; When To Socialize

Common sense approach to well puppy health, socialization and the importance of fully vaccinating before heading out into the world is essential. Puppy vaccinations typically are complete by 12 to 14 weeks of age. You should follow your vet’s schedule for vaccinating your puppy.

Smart owners desire to socialize puppies so they will be happy and comfortable around strangers, situations and even show sites.

Puppies grow up very quickly so spending the first 12 to 14 weeks in the safety of your home and on your property will not adversely affect your puppy’s personality. Enjoy yourself and your new bundle of joy with the knowledge that you are being safe and not sorry.”

For more tips:

Visiting Vet Service Bark Mag

The September issue of Bark Magazine had a special article about in-home veterinary care for senior pets in it. Visiting Vet Service’s subdivision, Your Senior Pet’s Vet, offers custom in home veterinary care to senior and special needs dogs and cats. Many of these seniors have been patients of the visiting vet service for their whole life, but others come in as patients for their geriatric life care. Direct questions about new senior pet service, at

Local Veterinarian Honored

A local veterinarian, Dr. Marty Goldstein, was honored at the 2015 4th Annual Pet Hero Awards held on Oct. 30th.

The Pet Hero Awards celebrate individuals, associations, professionals, pets and business organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving and protecting animal lives. Dr. Marty Goldstein was named Outstanding Veterinarian of the Year.

Dr. Marty Goldstein earned his DVM from Cornell University in 1973. He was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1977 and was one of the founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Over the last four decades, Dr. Marty has given seminars on alternative therapies nationwide and has appeared on numerous regional and national radio and television programs, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Martha Show and Good Morning America. He is also the author of “The Nature of Animal Healing”, first published in 1999.

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