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  • Sunday, Oct 1 - Tuesday, Oct 31

    ➤ Adopt-A-Dog Month
    ➤ Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month
    ➤ National Animal Safety and Protection Month
    ➤ National Pet Wellness Month
    ➤ National Pit Bull Awareness Month
    ➤ National Service Dog Month

  • Sunday, Oct 15 - Saturday, Oct 21

    ➤ National Veterinary Technician Week

  • Saturday, Oct 28 - Saturday, Oct 28

    ➤ National Pit Bull Awareness Day
    ➤ Plush Animal Lovers Day

  • Sunday, Oct 29 - Sunday, Oct 29

    ➤ National Cat Day

  • Wednesday, Nov 1 - Thursday, Nov 30

    ➤ Adopt a Senior Pet Month
    ➤ National Pet Awareness Month
    ➤ National Senior Pet Month
    ➤ Pet Cancer Awareness Month
    ➤ Pet Diabetes Month

This is Donovan,

This is Donovan, once a free range pidgeon found on the ground in a park and not fit for release.

Once a free range pidgeon found on the ground in a park and not fit for release. Now he’s a great companion.

2-im-scared-whenever-i-hear-my-name-%22yikes%22-another-unique-nameI’m scared whenever I hear my name… “Yikes”, another unique name.


3-4-year-old-freck-enjoys-fall-weather-walks-well-hell-just-have-to-wait4-year-old Freck enjoys fall weather walks, well he’ll just have to wait!
Great name!


4-did-some-oneDid some one call my name? Thought I heard a “Mr Handsome.”


5-we-haveHere we have Rollo… and yes, we wonder where that name came from!


6-here-is-a-beautifulHere is a beautiful black and white Maine Coon adopted from the local shelter.
Blessing is her name!


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