That darn little guy,

That darn little guy, always one upping me. Now if I had a bigger bowl too…

always one upping me. Now if I had a bigger bowl too…

2-you-might-think-im-begging-but-in-reality-im-practicing-patienceYou might think I’m begging but in reality I’m practicing patience.

3-i-may-be-getting-gray-but-arent-i-still-somethingI may be getting gray but aren’t I still something!

4-very-interesting-but-does-it-meowVery interesting, but does it meow?

5-ok-rudy-this-works-every-timeOK Rudy, this works every time…

6-it-is-just-so-great-to-beIt is just so great to be out & about!

7-a-dog-is-a-dog-is-a-dogA dog is a dog is a dog. Thank you very much, woof!

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    Building Winter Cat Shelters

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    TNR CertificationWorkshop

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    Bottle Feeding Orphaned Kittens

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    TNR Certification Workshop

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    Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption

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