Sol, the Spanish name for the sun,

Sol, the Spanish name for the sun

is a rescue cat from Puerto Rico. Un gato bonita! Gracias.


WinstonWinston, just the right look for a day in the park.


Napoli showing off! Ride ’em cowboy!


MystroThis is Mystro. The fluffier the bed, the bigger the disaster. He does enjoy them though… look at his tail!


Lola BelleLola Belle, a bored feline, so what else is new? Thanks Southport.


Dakota and MochaccinoDakota and Mochaccino. Dakota is a deaf/blind collie/Aussie mix and Mocha is a shepherd/chow mix who knows American Sign Language! Good for them!


MirrorMirror, mirror on the wall who is the toughest of them all? Why Butch of course.