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  • Thursday, Aug 17 - Thursday, Aug 17

    ➤ National Black Cat Appreciation Day

  • Saturday, Aug 19 - Saturday, Aug 19

    ➤ International Homeless Animals’ Day

  • Tuesday, Aug 22 - Tuesday, Aug 22

    ➤ National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

  • Saturday, Aug 26 - Saturday, Aug 26

    ➤ National Dog Day

  • Monday, Aug 28 - Monday, Aug 28

    ➤ Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Scout, a 1.5 year old German Shepherd

Scout, a 1.5 year old German Shepherd dog

 dog is a rescue from the Pets Alive shelter. We worry about his stress levels!


Rocco and JessicaNot so distant cousins Rocco and Jessica…reviewing specifics of ball chasing.


MischiefSo much to do and so little time for us cats…Mischief after a hard day.


GeorgiaGeorgia has discovered a wealth of information and sure fire way to get in Out & About!


Hendrix and ScoutHendrix and Scout, having fun at the Bark Park in Ridgefield. Where smart dogs meet!


HendrixHendrix back at home loving his Dingo stick.


Give me a few months and I'll grow into these ears.Give me a few months and I’ll grow into these ears.