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  • Monday, May 1 - Wednesday, May 31

    ➤ National Pet Month
    ➤ Responsible Animal Guardian Month
    ➤ Pet Cancer Awareness Month
    ➤ Chip Your Pet Month
    ➤ National Service Dog Eye Examination Month

  • Thursday, Jun 1 - Friday, Jun 30

    ➤ Adopt-a-Cat Month
    ➤ Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month
    ➤ National Pet Preparedness Month

  • Sunday, Jun 4 - Sunday, Jun 4

    ➤ Hug Your Cat Day

  • Sunday, Jun 4 - Saturday, Jun 10

    ➤ Pet Appreciation Week

  • Sunday, Jun 11 - Sunday, Jun 11

    ➤ World Pet Memorial Day
    ➤ Just One Day

Shadow stands when hungry!

Shadow stands when hungry! The other Guinea Pig

The other Guinea Pig, Sunshine “has no interest in watching her weight”, she’ll leave that to others.


DakotaWished we’d have known about 13 yr old, Dakota, for our Senior Report Issue, he is everything that old dogs should be.


Justice & his friend, Bishop.Justice & his friend, Bishop. Funny how they always seem to find the rug.

I forgot... to be invisible I must close my eyes.

I forgot… to be invisible I must close my eyes.


SHHHHHH, it is nap time.SHHHHHH, it is nap time.


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