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  • Tuesday, Aug 22 - Tuesday, Aug 22

    ➤ National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

  • Saturday, Aug 26 - Saturday, Aug 26

    ➤ National Dog Day

  • Monday, Aug 28 - Monday, Aug 28

    ➤ Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  • Wednesday, Aug 30 - Wednesday, Aug 30

    ➤ National Holistic Pet Day

  • Friday, Sep 1 - Saturday, Sep 30

    ➤ Happy Healthy Cat Month
    ➤ National Disaster Preparedness Month

Here is Joon an English Staffordshire bull terrier.

Joon an English Staffordshire bull terrier

Must have AC on!


SebastianHere, behind this curtain, they’ll never see me…3-year-old Sebastian, in his new home.


GladysGladys knows a good thing when she sees it. That’s why she sent in a subscription to The PG!


Zofia with her newborn daughter, NikiyaZofia with her newborn daughter, Nikiya. See them at Far Away Farms.


Dog name is, Good LuckWe’re guessing this dog’s name is, Good Luck…a great one. Here he is enjoying the 4th of July.


black and white, brother and sister team Roxy and TuckerSimple as black and white, brother and sister team Roxy and Tucker off to work as Therapy Dogs.