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  • Tuesday, Aug 22 - Tuesday, Aug 22

    ➤ National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

  • Saturday, Aug 26 - Saturday, Aug 26

    ➤ National Dog Day

  • Monday, Aug 28 - Monday, Aug 28

    ➤ Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  • Wednesday, Aug 30 - Wednesday, Aug 30

    ➤ National Holistic Pet Day

  • Friday, Sep 1 - Saturday, Sep 30

    ➤ Happy Healthy Cat Month
    ➤ National Disaster Preparedness Month

Kade, romping on the beach,

Kade, romping on the beach,

and dreaming of days to come!


PucciPucci lives a more urban existence than some country dogs.


OxyYou have to love this tongue on Oxy. She is a six-year-old Chow/Rock which helps explain the unique markings.


WilsonWilson, along with his name, is very distinguished. He also knows where the camera is pointed.


Simba, the Ocicat, fluent in German shepherd with StellaSimba, the Ocicat, fluent in German shepherd, whispers in the ear of best friend Stella. They reside in Dobbs Ferry.