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  • Thursday, Jun 1 - Friday, Jun 30

    ➤ Adopt-a-Cat Month
    ➤ Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month
    ➤ National Pet Preparedness Month

  • Saturday, Jul 1 - Monday, Jul 31

    ➤ Dog House Repair Month
    ➤ National Lost Pet Prevention Month

  • Tuesday, Jul 4 - Tuesday, Jul 4

    ➤ Independence Day

  • Saturday, Jul 15 - Saturday, Jul 15

    ➤ National Pet Fire Safety Day

  • Friday, Jul 21 - Friday, Jul 21

    ➤ National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

Missy staked her place in her owner’s heart

Missy staked

 and on top of a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.


LillyLilly, a deaf Great Dane puppy that was rescued from a shelter, leads Zeus, a blind Husky puppy.


TuckerTucker, a 2-year old Golden Retriever, doing his Clark Kent impersonation! Works for us but where are Jimmy & Lois?


PookiePookie, a Yorkie Terrier all of 5 pounds, learned early how to strike a pose in front of a camera.


RockieIn this picture we have Rockie. He is thrilled to have been discovered.


10 year old JavaThis is 10 year old Java who is now ready to work as a volunteer pet therapist. Proving he isn’t so tough!


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