Might not be a robot,

Might not be a robot, but just a little uncomfortable anyway

but just a little uncomfortable anyway.


2-somebodys-little-baby-but-looks-like-a-fly-to-usSomebody’s little baby but looks like a fly to us!


3-jj-is-12-years-old-and-looks-pretty-as-a-pictureJJ is 12 years old. And looks pretty as a picture


4-meet-ryder-somebodys-fair-child-and-an-avid-reader-of-the-pgs-out-about-pageMeet Ryder, somebody’s fair child and an avid reader of The PGs Out & About page!


5-this-is-a-chinpoo-puppy-named-jackson-we-think-he-looks-like-an-ewok-hes-only-4-8-lbs-good-things-come-in-small-packagesThis is a ChinPoo puppy named Jackson. We think he looks like an ewok, he’s only 4.8 lbs. Good things come in small packages!


6-going-for-that-angelic-look-and-nailing-itGoing for that angelic look… and nailing it!


7-might-as-well-be-a-robot-those-felines-can-be-so-coldMight as well be a robot, those felines can be so cold.