Fall Issue

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  • Sunday, Oct 1 - Tuesday, Oct 31

    ➤ Adopt-A-Dog Month
    ➤ Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month
    ➤ National Animal Safety and Protection Month
    ➤ National Pet Wellness Month
    ➤ National Pit Bull Awareness Month
    ➤ National Service Dog Month

  • Sunday, Oct 15 - Saturday, Oct 21

    ➤ National Veterinary Technician Week

  • Monday, Oct 16 - Monday, Oct 16

    ➤ National Feral Cat Day

  • Saturday, Oct 28 - Saturday, Oct 28

    ➤ National Pit Bull Awareness Day
    ➤ Plush Animal Lovers Day

  • Sunday, Oct 29 - Sunday, Oct 29

    ➤ National Cat Day

11-year-old schnauzer,

11-year-old schnauzer, Papillon, goes to Mount Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, Ct.

Papillon, goes to Mount Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, Ct. and runs on a treadmill to maintain his weight and exercise… bully for him!

2-this-is-5-year-old-miley-a-cavapoo-she-loves-to-cuddle-and-chase-squirrels-obviously-headed-home-after-the-chaseThis is 5-year-old Miley, a cavapoo. She loves to cuddle and chase squirrels. Obviously headed home after the chase!

3-just-picked-up-a-copy-of-the-pet-gazette-at-the-dog-run-nearby-what“Just picked up a copy of The Pet Gazette at the dog run nearby. What a nice surprise!” George is a half husky-half boxer rescue. Great combo, great look too.

4-jack-the-jack-russellJack the Jack Russell is a regular at the local dog park. Dapper Jack knows how to dress, no doubt for the ladies at the park.

5-this-is-elmerThis is Elmer. He’s an Irish
terrier mix, don’t know what the mix is… and who cares, he’s all dog and that’s mix enough!

6-beautifulBeautiful Pearl and Dakota are both adopted and get The PG at the Pet Pantry(great non-profit).They give more than they receive as personal therapy dogs.

7-here-we-offerHere we offer the regal 6-year-old Old Boston bulldog, Miss Monkey Moo Moo Shires. She loves French fries, shoe shopping and being the center of attention. Sounds like our kind of gal!


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