Westport Dog Festival

Event Details

Website: http://www.westportchamber.com
Email: info@westportwestonchamber.com
Phone: (203) 227-9234
Fax: (203) 454-4019
Price: $10pp / $25 per family of 4

First, I want to thank all of you for joining our second Dog Festival. It is sure to be great event, both for sponsors and vendors including our non profits. The buzz is already very loud and I am expecting a big turn out. Thank you again, if you are a sponsor.

So here is what I have so far and if I don’t answer all of your questions please make contact with me.

The Festival will run from 10am – 4pm on Sunday May 7. Winslow Park, Westport.

The field will open up for set up at 8am. You must be set up and ready to go by 9:15am.

You can pull your car into the small lot off of Compo North rd. Get out and Check in at the entrance tent to get your field number. You can then drive your car around to your location.You’ll find that number spray painted on the ground on the field. There you will set up your tent and table and whatever else your brought. You must supply your own tent and table and Chairs etc… Tent size cannot exceed 10×10 unless otherwise arraigned. You will have space enough on either side. There is no electricity on the field. Please note, you will not be allowed on the field unless you have paid for your space.

All cars MUST OFF THE FIELD by 9am.

You then must move your car across the street to the People’s bank parking lot (bottom right in photo above). That is Vendor parking for the event. You CANNOT PARK in the Playhouse parking lot (upper left), that is for the eventgoers. At the end same procedure but backwards, use the lot to pack up. No one can bring a car back onto the field until 4:15pm.

The goal is for you to promote yourselves most anyway you choose with give a ways, raffles, activities etc… This is up to you.

GARBAGE NOTE: This is a bring in bring out event. You cannot leave your garbage. Last year some vendors left 100s of boxes of cardboard right on the field or filled the dumpster. The dumpster is not for your promotional waste, it is for the festival’s waste. We were charged extra by the hauling company. We will fine any vendor for not taking their waste with them. I hope you understand.

In the middle of the field will be 3 rings. An obstacle course, Demonstrations and Competitions. I urge you to see what is happening on www.westportwestonchamber.com/dogs There will also be vet seminars, dog license registration, a photo area, a charicaturist, face painter, and other stuff, along with food trucks…..

I ask that each and every one of you begins to post online about that Festival and that you will be participating. Our hashtag is #westportdogfest Let’s get the word out!!!!. Point them to dog festival website. Also tell them to register their dog for a competition. List it on your website and social media pages. Use the art above in your post.