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Yolo is a-2 year-old bearded dragon.

Yolo is a-2 year-old bearded dragon.His hobbies include: scarfing mealworms and bazaar staring contests

His hobbies include: scarfing mealworms and bazaar staring contests


Future Veterinarian


3-misty-5-months-old-loves-to-guard-he-sink-at-her-homeMisty, 5 months old, loves to guard he sink at her home.


4-umUm, yea this is fun but can I get back to land please?


5-doesnDoesn’t every boy want his own pet pony?!


6-harambe-is-a-twoHarambe is a two-year-old corn snake. His hobbies include: sunbathing on hot rocks and working on his core strength.


7-archie-is-enjoying-his-birthday-hes-a-partydoxieArchie is enjoying his birthday. He’s a Partydoxie!


8-saving-graceSaving Grace! Literally, she was adopted and is now loved daily.


Dexter is having Keema over for a swim…

Dexter is having Keema over for a swim… yup because it is pretty black and white…it’s that time of year!

yup because it is pretty black and white…it’s that time of year!


4-bear-a-great-pyreneesBear, a Great Pyrenees, is showing displeasure about being left or is that expression sadness? Don’t worry they’ll be home soon!


6-from-a-loyal-readerFrom a Loyal Reader


from-a-loyal-reader-nikki-right-was-adopted-from-pet-rescue-and-arles-left-was-rescued-from-the-streets-now-life-is-goodFrom a Loyal Reader…Nikki, right, was adopted from Pet Rescue. And, Arles, left, was rescued from the streets. Now life is good!


gracie-is-a-real-%22flower-child%22-a-real-pretty-girl-tooGracie is a real “Flower Child”! A real pretty girl too!


the-perfect-swarovski-crystal-dress-for-the-good-dog-gala-with-tiara-and-bowsThe perfect Swarovski crystal dress for the Good Dog Gala with tiara and bows!


Sit Means Sit

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* Crate Training * House Breaking * Anxiety * Obedience




Might not be a robot,

Might not be a robot, but just a little uncomfortable anyway

but just a little uncomfortable anyway.


2-somebodys-little-baby-but-looks-like-a-fly-to-usSomebody’s little baby but looks like a fly to us!


3-jj-is-12-years-old-and-looks-pretty-as-a-pictureJJ is 12 years old. And looks pretty as a picture


4-meet-ryder-somebodys-fair-child-and-an-avid-reader-of-the-pgs-out-about-pageMeet Ryder, somebody’s fair child and an avid reader of The PGs Out & About page!


5-this-is-a-chinpoo-puppy-named-jackson-we-think-he-looks-like-an-ewok-hes-only-4-8-lbs-good-things-come-in-small-packagesThis is a ChinPoo puppy named Jackson. We think he looks like an ewok, he’s only 4.8 lbs. Good things come in small packages!


6-going-for-that-angelic-look-and-nailing-itGoing for that angelic look… and nailing it!


7-might-as-well-be-a-robot-those-felines-can-be-so-coldMight as well be a robot, those felines can be so cold.


Even before leaving Schnapps

Even before leaving Schnapps wants to know if we are there yet

wants to know if we are there yet


gia-diamond-is-a-pure-bred-blue-chiwawa-who-is-two-years-old-those-city-dogs-are-such-show-offsGia Diamond is a pure bred blue chiwawa who is two years old. Those city dogs are such show offs!


here-we-present-katie-scarlett-in-her-beautiful-bow-hoodie-word-has-it-she-is-the-most-charming-little-shihpoo-you-could-meetHere we present Katie Scarlett in her beautiful bow hoodie. Word has it, she is the most charming little Shihpoo you could meet!


keeping-with-travel-theme-of-issue-here-is-heidi-all-dressed-up-and-ready-to-go-anywhere-anytimeKeeping with travel theme of issue here is Heidi all dressed up and ready to go… anywhere anytime!


mingming-is-a-really-%22good-dog%22-and-volunteers-for-ny-presbyterian-paws-for-patients-here-preforming-her-famous-cobra-poseMingming is a really “Good Dog” and volunteers for NY Presbyterian Paws for Patients. Here preforming her famous cobra pose!


piercing-cat-eyes-and-a-pretty-facePiercing cat eyes and a pretty face


someone-let-the-cat-out-of-the-bag-for-this-pictureSomeone let the cat out of the bag for this picture!


suki-heading-to-winslow-park-in-westport-to-pick-up-the-latest-issue-of-the-pet-gazette-this-works-every-timeSuki heading to Winslow Park in Westport to pick up the latest issue of The Pet Gazette. (This works every time.)


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Garbo. She’s just a small cog

Garbo. Shes just a small cog in the great wheel of evolution.

in the great wheel of evolution.


2-phoebePhoebe (a Rock Star) is known at Winslow Park in Westport as the puppy who carries rocks! One is always in her mouth and the bigger the better!


3-gucciGucci, a 3-year-old Maltese, relaxing in his motorcycle vest…No doubt prefers Motto Guzzi.


4-sadieSadies (universal) response to the question, Do you want to go for a walk?


5-goldie-a-well-knownGoldie, a well known canine at the dog parks, is an ambassador for the ages.


6-eli-just-as-happy-as-can-beEli. Just as happy as can be!


7-thats-kloeyThats Kloey on the right with Ranger, her boyfriend. They met on a blind date and have been sweethearts ever since! Proving, once again, that size does not matter.


That darn little guy,

That darn little guy, always one upping me. Now if I had a bigger bowl too…

always one upping me. Now if I had a bigger bowl too…

2-you-might-think-im-begging-but-in-reality-im-practicing-patienceYou might think I’m begging but in reality I’m practicing patience.

3-i-may-be-getting-gray-but-arent-i-still-somethingI may be getting gray but aren’t I still something!

4-very-interesting-but-does-it-meowVery interesting, but does it meow?

5-ok-rudy-this-works-every-timeOK Rudy, this works every time…

6-it-is-just-so-great-to-beIt is just so great to be out & about!

7-a-dog-is-a-dog-is-a-dogA dog is a dog is a dog. Thank you very much, woof!


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11-year-old schnauzer,

11-year-old schnauzer, Papillon, goes to Mount Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, Ct.

Papillon, goes to Mount Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, Ct. and runs on a treadmill to maintain his weight and exercise… bully for him!

2-this-is-5-year-old-miley-a-cavapoo-she-loves-to-cuddle-and-chase-squirrels-obviously-headed-home-after-the-chaseThis is 5-year-old Miley, a cavapoo. She loves to cuddle and chase squirrels. Obviously headed home after the chase!

3-just-picked-up-a-copy-of-the-pet-gazette-at-the-dog-run-nearby-what“Just picked up a copy of The Pet Gazette at the dog run nearby. What a nice surprise!” George is a half husky-half boxer rescue. Great combo, great look too.

4-jack-the-jack-russellJack the Jack Russell is a regular at the local dog park. Dapper Jack knows how to dress, no doubt for the ladies at the park.

5-this-is-elmerThis is Elmer. He’s an Irish
terrier mix, don’t know what the mix is… and who cares, he’s all dog and that’s mix enough!

6-beautifulBeautiful Pearl and Dakota are both adopted and get The PG at the Pet Pantry(great non-profit).They give more than they receive as personal therapy dogs.

7-here-we-offerHere we offer the regal 6-year-old Old Boston bulldog, Miss Monkey Moo Moo Shires. She loves French fries, shoe shopping and being the center of attention. Sounds like our kind of gal!


Ok sure, we get it,

Ok sure, we get it, a nice warm bath. Happens all the time!

a nice warm bath. Happens all the time!


2-they-thinkThey think this is funny and I’m just thirsty.


3-on-land-orOn land or on the water a ball is still, well, a ball, and it needs to be dealt with.


4-felines-defyingFelines defying logic. What a surprise.
PS Looks thrilled!


5-and-whenAnd when a bath won’t do there’s always a shower, naturally.


6-ok-boysOK Boys, lets go… and how good does this sand feel?


7-who-needsWho needs a car window?


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