In Memoriam

In Memoriam

My husband and I had just driven six hours to bring our son to college where he was to study acting. His interest in theatre began when he played “Fuzzy Dog” at his day camp at age six (I had sewn the costume myself). On the way back, we stopped for gas and a snack. Leaning on the hood of our car, sadly eating our sandwiches, a scruffy mutt came over with that soulful look we all know.You can guess the rest. He lived with us until the age of twelve (we think) and just loved to play with our sons children when they visited. Oh, his name was “Fuzzy”.


This is Mardi. While on vacation in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras on our honeymoon, we needed a quick repair on our rental car and we spotted what we thought was a dirty pile of rags hiding in the back of the garage where our car was being repaired.
The owner said he had been coming around for about a week and had already reached out to the shelters to see if he was reported. The vacation lasted seven days but the love and affection Mardi gave me and my husband for the next 14 years is something we will never forget.


This is Roger. He appeared at our back door one day covered in mud with the sweetest smile I had ever seen. He lived with us until his peaceful death 12 years later and his soulful face will always be with us. I’m so glad he picked our home in which to spend his life.


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