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  • Sunday, Jun 11 - Sunday, Jun 11

    ➤ World Pet Memorial Day
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Central Veterinary Associates Reminds Pet Owners that Springtime Allergies Are Not Just a Human Annoyance

VALLEY STREAM, NY – Everyone knows that people of all ages suffer from seasonal allergies. In fact, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that more than 50 million Americans are affected by allergies each year. But, Central Veterinary Associates (CVA) is reminding pet owners that allergies are also extremely common in cats and dogs?


Anything for Princess

Anything for Princess

When asked why they spend so much on their pets, owners often respond, “because pets deserve my attention more than most humans do,” or “pets make me happy and there is no price tag on happiness.” This comes as no surprise to our Pet Gazette readers. It all makes perfect sense.


Gentle Goodbye

Services We Offer:
* Veterinary Center for pets * At Home Euthanasia * Veterinary Hospice Services * Cremation Service * Memory Stone * Mobile Veterinary Service


Much More Than Just Kisses

Does having a goldfish confer the same health benefits as having a golden retriever? Most pet studies were of people who had a dog or a cat, making it difficult to draw conclusions about the health benefits of birds, lizards, fish and other pets. How much time the person spends with his or her pet could be strongly influenced by the type of pet and in turn could influence the health benefits of having a pet.


Get To Work!

Get To Work!

Kennel Clubs assign breeds that are engaged in some sort of physically active work to their Working Group.

Many breeds have worked alongside humans driving various kinds of livestock including cattle, sheep, reindeer and fowl. The most common breeds used for herding are Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, and Kelpies.


Babylon Animal Hospital

Services We Offer:
* Allergy Testing * Bathing * Bloodwork * Certified Stem Cell Treatments * Critical Care * Dental Services * Ear Cropping * Exotic Services * Declawing * Grooming * Heartworm / Flea Prevention * Immunizations * Orthopedic Surgery * Physical Exams * Radiology * Senior Care * Soft Tissue Surgery * Special Boarding * Spays and Neuters * Ultrasound Diagnostics


Training Miscues

Training Miscues

After thousands of years of practice, you might think that training a dog would be a natural, almost intuitive, process for humans. But, too often, we make honest errors in training that result in strained relations. Owing to the dog’s resilient nature, minor mistakes rarely result in catastrophe. But major errors can cost owners (and dogs) years of frustration. Here are some of the biggest training miscues owners make, and alternatives to improve chances of keeping you and Fido on the straight and narrow.


The Best Gift For Your Dog Is

The single best gift for your dog is proper training. How many times have you seen new pet owners adopting a new family member, and never dedicating time to train the pooch, thinking that the dog will learn on their own? Likewise, some other dog owners will opt for training a pooch in their own way, using the “whatever works” method of dog training.


Connections – A Novel by Jacqueline Wein



At Least He’s Tiny! Confessions Of A Failed Dog

My mother was a woman of boundless compassion, a fiery animal rights person who considered disciplining dogs an act of repression and abuse. As a result, a visit to her house meant a bunch of tick-infested, dumpster-breathed oaves would leap on you, lick you, panhandle with impunity, and ram their snouts in your swimsuit areas. At one point my wife had ankle surgery and needed a cane during her recovery; when she realized she could use it to ward off the dogs she brought it on every visit for years, until my mother pointedly commented on the slowness of Alexis’s convalescence.


Musings On Digital Pets

Lets first accept that the artificial animals we’ve managed to make so far aren’t quite up to normal standards. They’re clumsy battery-powered things no more nimble than a puppy in a suit of lead armour. And none have anything remotely approaching the complexity of a real pet, so far. In reality not many among us have played with robo-pets mainly because they’re all either cheap and disappointing, or very expensive.


Pleasantville Animal Hospital

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* Veterinary Center for pets * Diagnostic * Exotics * Grooming * Boarding/Husbandory * Board-certified Specialist Consultants * Education


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