Catnip As Behavior Tools

Most scientists agree that catnip provides a harmless recreation for cats. Certain types of honeysuckle shrubs prompt a similar reaction. For cats who respond, catnip can be a wonderful training tool.


Companion Cat, or Just Companion

Putting therapy robots to the cool or not test, robot pets have to be effective to get respect, so here’s one analysis of a robotic cat.


Gotham Psychotherapy

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Real Cat Walks

Wall systems for cats are the latest innovation in cat furniture. Wall mounted cat shelves and wall mounted cat perches for lounging are a great space saving idea for small spaces and apartments when you don’t want to take up valuable floor space. More importantly, cat wall climbing shelves allow your cats to explore and lounge up high, which cats love.


How About Cats!

It’s pretty simple: If you want your cat to repeat a behavior, reward that behavior. Things get a little more complicated when people unwittingly reward a behavior that they don’t really want to encourage. For example, when your cat talks to you, do you talk to him, pet him, or give him a treat? If so, you’re teaching your cat that meowing brings rewards. If you don’t reward his meowing–in other words, ignore him when he meows–he’s unlikely to become a meower. If you really like a quiet cat, reward him when he’s not meowing.


Cassio Pet Resort & Training Center

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Cats &, Oh No… Water

Have you ever seen a cat on the beach or swimming in a pool? Most people would probably say no. So have you ever wondered if there is any truth to the commonly held belief that cats hate water?

A good way to start is by looking at our domestic cats’ wild relatives. After all, many of our pets’ behaviors are remnants of their wild ancestors’ instincts. Regarding water, wild cats fall into two camps–generally depending on where they live.


what’s in a name ?

what's in a name ?

Cat Breed Name Origins

I didn’t even know that there were different cat breeds,” a man was recently overheard exclaiming. “i thought a cat was a cat… just different colors.” ignorant? Perhaps, but the fact is that while the general public can easily discern between a Dalmatian and a Dachshund, and can probably spew out a quick two dozen dog breeds, it is definitely the rare non-cat fancier who can name more than three cat breeds.


Almost Home Kennels

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Zoonotic diseases. It’s a strange phrase, and an even stranger concept–diseases that spread from animals to humans–but some diseases from pets can even be deadly. For many of us, pets are family. We talk to them, watch TV together, let them sleep on our beds. But close contact can expose you to serious ailments that can spread from animals to humans. That doesn’t mean you should ban pets from your home. The key to keeping yourself healthy is awareness and prevention. Be aware so you can keep your family safe–four-legged members included.


Personality Clues Help Find Lost Cats

Lost cats requires immediate attention and knowing something about cat personalities can help you locate your missing cat sooner rather than later–or not at all. More than ten inches of snow blanketed the city of North Wales, Pennsylvania, last winter when Bernadette Palmer’s two-year-old adopted cat, Callie, fell out of a second-story window and disappeared. The missing cat had never ventured out of her loving home and seemed to have vanished without trace.


Long Island Veterinary Specialist

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