Talking parrot masters a perfect meow… and leaves three cats utterly baffled!

Talking parrot masters a perfect meow... and leaves three cats utterly baffled!

Never has Sylvester the Cat’s famous ‘sufferin’ succotash’ saying been more appropriate. This is moment a white parrot fluent in feline strolls up towards three moggies, and dumbfounded they sit back shell shocked into silence. Parrots are expert mimickers and are well-known for imitating human speech, but it is clearly not the only language they can learn. In a comical YouTube video the bird wanders over to the cats on top of a bed. Then at the unknown location it perfectly copies a moggy’s meow.


Building Trust First Step To Training Your Parrot

Most of our pets usually liked to be stroked from the top of their heads down towards their tails. Your dog or cat may respond by cuddling up closer, rolling over for a belly rub or relaxing and falling asleep. Usually when we touch a parrot in this manner the bird either tries to escape, bite or just tolerates our touch.


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Building A “Bird”

Miniature flying robots have come a long way in the last few years. But when it comes to dealing with the unpredictable world around them, man-made flying machines still have a long way to go to match nature’s impressive creations, birds.


Finches Learn Courtship Songs

Male zebra finches learn their courtship songs from their fathers. Now, a new study details the precise changes in brain circuitry that occur during that process. As a young male listens to his father’s song, networks of brain cells are activated that the younger bird will use later to sing the song himself, researchers have found. As the learning process occurs, inhibitory cells suppress further activity in the area and help sculpt the song into a permanent memory.


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Boarding Pet Birds Challenges & Solutions

During the holiday season many of us are traveling and taking our pets along may be impractical or simply not possible. To complicate matters further, boarding your pet can be stressful for both you and your pet.
Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety, a panic response to being left alone. Cats are instinctively solitary animals; fortunately they feel safe when confined to a cage. Parrots have a much more complicated social structure than either dogs or cats and being left alone can be highly stressful.


The Right Cage

Regardless of how good a pet bird owner you may be the fact is that your parrot will spend the majority of its time in a cage. A spacious cage will support your pets physical and psychological needs; consider the size and activity level of your bird and bear in mind that perches, toys, etc. will occupy much of the space.


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Introduction To Parrot Training

Training by definition is teaching a precise response or behavior to a specific stimulus, condition or event. Most folks have seen a parrot that talks on cue, shakes hands, waves or performs various other “tricks”. So, how does one begin?


Water Is Essential For Pet Birds!

Parrots tend to soak and soften certain foods in water (especially pellets), they may defecate in the bowl, amuse themselves by adding paper or cage litter to it, and without options they might bathe in the water dish and count on their rinsing and cleaning their beak after every snack.


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