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World News

World News

Good boy! Dogs know what you’re saying, study suggests

Scientists have found evidence to support what many dog owners have long believed: man’s best friend really does understand some of what we’re saying.



Dog swims 6 miles, walks another 12 to reunite with family

Rylee, a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois, was reunited with his family after falling out of a boat. A dog swam more than 6 miles and walked a dozen more to find his family after falling overboard into Lake Michigan. Edward Casas was boating on the lake with his wife, Kristin, and the family dog, a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois named Rylee. Casas tells ABC News Rylee went overboard while he was in the engine room trying to figure out a mechanical problem with the boat and his wife was steering.

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery


Services We Offer:
* Pet Cemetery || Burials: Individual plots in sizes and prices to meet all budgets * Above-ground burial * Cremation Plots * Monuments * Caskets * Funerals and viewings * Gentle transportation * Pre-need planning || Cremation: Individual Cremation* Communal Cremation* Transportation.

Anything for Princess


When asked why they spend so much on their pets, owners often respond, “because pets deserve my attention more than most humans do,” or “pets make me happy and there is no price tag on happiness.” This comes as no surprise to our Pet Gazette readers. It all makes perfect sense.

Much More Than Just Kisses


Does having a goldfish confer the same health benefits as having a golden retriever? Most pet studies were of people who had a dog or a cat, making it difficult to draw conclusions about the health benefits of birds, lizards, fish and other pets. How much time the person spends with his or her pet could be strongly influenced by the type of pet and in turn could influence the health benefits of having a pet.

Doggie U K9 Academy


Services We Offer:
* Behavior Training * Agility Classes * Private Lessons

Get To Work!


Talking parrot masters a perfect meow… and leaves three cats utterly baffled!

Never has Sylvester the Cat’s famous ‘sufferin’ succotash’ saying been more appropriate. This is moment a white parrot fluent in feline strolls up towards three moggies, and dumbfounded they sit back shell shocked into silence. Parrots are expert mimickers and are well-known for imitating human speech, but it is clearly not the only language they can learn. In a comical YouTube video the bird wanders over to the cats on top of a bed. Then at the unknown location it perfectly copies a moggy’s meow.



Local World News

From PG HQ: We couldn’t help notice the abundance of squirrels & chipmunks this year so we asked an expert.

“I believe it is due to a few factors. The biggest factor being the perfect circumstances for both tree and animal reproduction. Every two or three years the oaks give off an abundance of acorns so that they can survive and the animals don’t just eat all the nuts. That in combination with a mild winter helped both the trees and the animals to survive and multiply…. like wild.”
-Josh Dreisacker, Wildlife Remedies, 914-760-4241

Long Island Veterinary Specialist


Services We Offer:
* Behavior Medicine * Cardiology * Dermatology * Diagnostic Imaging * Emergency/Critical Care * Exotics/Avian Emergency * Integrative Medicine * Internal Medicine * Interventional Radiology * Neurology/Neurosurgery * Oncology * Ophthalmology * Radio-iodine * Rehab & Pain Management * Surgery

Training Miscues


After thousands of years of practice, you might think that training a dog would be a natural, almost intuitive, process for humans. But, too often, we make honest errors in training that result in strained relations. Owing to the dog’s resilient nature, minor mistakes rarely result in catastrophe. But major errors can cost owners (and dogs) years of frustration. Here are some of the biggest training miscues owners make, and alternatives to improve chances of keeping you and Fido on the straight and narrow.

Anything for Princess

Anything for Princess

October 1, 2016

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